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if you had a youtube channel with 10s of 1000s of subscribers and you knew Bitcoin was going to crash next week, would you tell them or not?

why? if you had been telling them that Bitcoin was going to go to 50,000 this year, ,,would you back out and let them know that because of this new information (example Janet Yellin stating that Bitcoin needs to be curtailed).,,would you just mention that or just tell them to keep buying it WHILE YOU SELL THEM YOUR BITCOINS at higher prices and get out? why? what woud Bernie Madoff have done pobably? what any financial advisor would do if they had lots of money in Bitcoin? why?

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    If Yellen said it publicly and you heard it, why would you need to announce it?

    I wouldn't tell people to keep buying bitcoin. 

    In fact, it would probably come up in a podcast. 

    But I would not, in any way, be obligated to say anything. 

    As I say, it would just enter the dialogue. 

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    No.  Because insider trading is a serious federal crime, which will result in a few years of prison time.  People who work in that industry or who are exposed to it are not allowed to blabber.

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    It's anybody's guess when those fools who buy Bitcoin will realize on mass that they are throwing money down a bottomless pit. 

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    I'd be willing to wager that you don't have either one of those things.

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