What is the name of the maze game where movement is based on single moves through a tilebased map from start to end point avoiding enemies?

In childhood I used to play the games offered by the interactive game television subscription service, most of which were based on classic arcade games. One of the games was a game where it was of the maze game genre, movement was based from a starting point in one side of the screen to an end point in the opposite side, and that's how you'd finish a level. The map was tile-based so each individual movement was from one tile to any tile near it, four-directionally (or in less directions if one of your directions is blocked by a wall) where the directions are up, down, left and right. Along the levels there were enemies with clear patterns of movement. To my memory, only some of them would shoot. I don't recall an ability to attack the enemies, it may or may not have been possible to shoot them though, I just remember they needed to be avoided. It may be that some levels had a key that you had to obtain before unlocking the exit to the next level. If I remember correctly, the player icon and enemies in the original version I played on the TV were represented by either tanks or moving cannons of sorts, or something... In the recent year I've been on a nostalgia trip recovering the ability to identify many games that I've played in my past that I've forgotten about, but I've struggled to find out what this game was or what original game it was based on. I'd very much appreciate if anyone can tell me the name of this game or a game that matches the description I've given.

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