How do I suppress my appetite naturally for the long term?

22 yo male here. Right now I’m overweight (5’7”, 190 lbs). I’ve been lifting and exercising fairly consistently for the better part of 4 years, except for most of 2020. I can lose weight and get to weights that I’m happy with, but it is incredibly difficult to fight my cravings. I feel like I have to eat a lot more than normal to be full and satisfied. I have friends who can just eat until they’re full, and don’t finish their plate. I get cravings for very high calorie junk food and these people don’t desire it like I do. I often turn to food for comfort and my cravings become very distinct when I’m stressing. How can I decrease my appetite and start craving better foods without taking a supplement for the rest of my life? How can I change my relationship with food overall?

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  • 1 month ago

    You need some therapy to disengage the food from the feelings.  That is your real issue, not the weight loss (which you ay you can do).  You need to change the habit of stress eating.

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    A few idea -- none of which are easy, but you CAN do them:

    1. Either find a therapist or at least get some books on emotional eating.  Food will NEVER fix an emotional problem.  In some cases people have to deal with a issue or trauma.  Sometime people need to find different and more effective ways of dealing with stress or loneliness.  There are lots of resources on this topic from podcasts like Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross to books you can get from the library.

    2. You probably have insulin resistance because you've been eating a high-carb, high-sugar, high-processed food diet.   You need to improve your metabolic health A keto or even carnivore diet might be an option fro you.  Carbs cause a cycle of spiked blood glucose and insulin that increase food cravings. Check out Dr. Philip Ovadia, Chris Irvin, Thomas DeLauer, Dr. Josh Axe, or Dr. Mark Hyman -- they can be found on Podcasts, online, and on YouTube.  Educate yourself and give yourself one month.  Yes, it will be hard, but if you'll commit to a month, you'll probably find that you feel better, have lost weight, and don't have the cravings you currently do. 

  • Alpha
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    1 month ago

    Rather than suppressing your appetite, you should change what you are eating.  I suspect the reason for your cravings is 2 things:

    1) Empty calories. The term refers to foods that contains high amount of calories, but have little or no essential nutrients. The term "essential" has a special meaning in nutrition and it refers to nutrients that your body needs and can ONLY get from the foods you eat - it cannot manufacture the nutrients from components of what you eat.  When you eat foods that are packed with empty calories, it will fill you up quickly, but once your body sorts through the contents of what you ate and finds nothing it can use, it will make you hungry, again. What many people do is eat the very same kinds of foods, fill up, get hungry, and get caught up in a vicious cycle all the while accumulating large amounts of calories which can never be burn off.  Examples of foods with empty calories are those that use refined/bleached flour such as white bread, regular pasta, white rice, etc.  What you want to do is eat the wholegrain versions of those foods such as wholegrain bread, wheat pasta, brown rice. etc.  Your goal is to get the most nutrients for the least calories.

    2)  Stress eating.  To solve a problem, you have to understand what the problem is.  People stress eat because in a sense it is an attempt to relive happier times in their lives.  When you were a child, you get treats from mom and dad or during celebration of a special occasion.  These are your happy times and when you are stressed you want to go to your happy place back in time.  When you are stressed, rather than munch on something, take a quiet moment (or play some soft music) and reminisce about the happy times. Contemplate on the people and things from your past that made you happy, smile, laugh or whatever.

    BTW: A healthy diet does not mean you can never have the less than healthy things.  It does mean you cannot have it daily and it is better if you don't have it weekly. But you can have them in reasonable servings. It is commonly refer to as a "cheat day". For example, after a couple of weeks, reward yourself with something like a dessert. One of the things you will start to automatically do is be selective in what that snack or dessert will be. Instead of grabbing whatever is available, you become choosy and that also helps you stay on course.

  • Andy C
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    1 month ago

    Easy peasy.   You stop consuming things like sugars and white flour products that are disabling your body's natural hunger off switch (the hormone leptin).

    It's the closest to a cure for obesity as it comes.

    Here's the four horsemen of the apocalypse:


    Trans fats 


    BCAAs from corn-fed animal products 

    On a regular basis,  these are toxic to your liver (reactive oxygen species).

    Bet you weren't expecting an actual answer based on science. 

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