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Am I right for being angry at my nail salon lady?

I don't go to nail salons regularly, I usually go there when I have few money left in my credit card. But I have been going to this nail lady for over 10 years, I usually get my eyebrows and pedicure done by her. Recently I started getting my legs wax by her. Today I called her in the morning asked her what time she is available to book me and appointment, she booked a late afternoon appointment, I waited 15 mins which is fine but what made me angry is that she was in a rush to get to her other appointments, people were waiting for her so she only did half leg waxing for me, I wanted full leg waxing, she left some hair and some wax there. I will never go to waxing for her ever again. She apologized and told me that she thought I wanted eyebrows waxed not legs.

She could've told me she was busy and booked and not schedule me when I called her in the morning. She didn't even do a good job with the waxing since she left some wax stuff in my leg, only did half leg. I like getting my pedicure and I didn't even do pedicure today. I went to other nail salons and the way she does pedicure is better. But this waxing experience made me angry. She is way too expensive with waxing and her not doing a good job with waxing is upsetting me. I will never get my waxing done by her but I know I'll be back with pedicure. Am I right for being angry at her?

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    If it’s a service you pay for and she doesn’t perform the service like planned, I would say it’s okay, but tbh, she shouldn’t have been squeezing people in if she was behind, like she could have said I don’t have time today to do full wax but I can do it another day.... I know she’s trying to make as much as she can but I don’t think it’s a total L

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    I went to the hairdressers and was sitting on the seat and the guy started cutting my hair. ANyway some people came in for a walk in and the other hairdresser said to my hairdresser "how long will you be? 5 minutes?" I was shocked. Luckily the hairdresser did not rush my hair cut. I only go to this hairdressers as a walk in. Your salon worker  did apologise. Maybe get the waxing else where especially if cheaper. I remember I went to Subway and ordered and all these people came in and he rushed through my lunch and hardly put any salad on it.

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    Learn to do your own leg waxing. It's very easy and less painful when you do it yourself, and you will save money!

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    At first yes, but now you can get over it. The lady should've not done the leg waxing knowing she wouldn't be able to do a superior job.

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  • Steven
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    No you are not right to be angry.

    Try understanding and seeing things from her point of view.

    She probably thought she was doing you a favour and tried to squeeze you in not wanting to lose your custom when in reality she was already fully booked.

    You have every right to not use her again however, but no need to be angry.

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