What was the name of that kids crafting show that used to be on Netflix?

I don’t know if this show was a fever dream but I have too many memories of this thing for it to be one. It had to have been an early 2000’s show. 

I have literally scoured for hours trying to find this show but nothing I’m seeing is even remotely close to what I’m looking for. So the show was basically about these group of girls who were all friends. They had this crafting show that they would perform in this little crafting shed at one of the girl’s home. But it was also so us the audience could follow along if we wanted to make the same thing. They would give us a preview of the item in the beginning and say to watch the rest of the show to learn how to make it.  The idea of what to craft would come up from a little life lesson that would go on before hand. For example, one of the girls was moving so they made stepping stones for her to take with her. There was also a scenario where this girl was wearing a chain on her jeans and it was a problem for some reason but I don’t remember why. I’ve lost so much sleep over this.

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