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Is it possible to go from being a naturally negative thinker to a positive one?

Is there a way to train your mind to be more positive?

For what it is worth, I am a 25-year-old woman. I tend to see the glass as half empty, my mind tends to only think of negative scenarios when thinking of trying something new or meeting new people (I tend to assume people will dislike me once they get to know me and am afraid to get close to them, for example; I also tend to be afraid that I will make a fool of myself if I try something new and fail at it). I tend to really worry over things that I know in the grand scheme of things are not that big of a deal. When things go wrong, I get really down and have a hard time realizing it could always be worse and that sometimes there's a silver lining. I also give up very easily and have very little faith in myself. I have been trying to surround myself with more positive people and things lately and have already felt immensely better, but would like to try to train myself to be a more positive thinker. I am beginning to realize I'm capable of more than I thought but let fear and negativity get in the way, and that my negativity has held me back. 

Thank you for your help in advance. 

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    As someone who tends to see the empty glass as half full, I have at times made a fool of myself, said the wrong thing, or took a stupid risk. But, unless you do something absolutely bizarre, no one says anything, someone corrects you, or others get a little embarrassed. It sort of sucks when it happens, but it's not that bad. Go to google and look up loving kindness meditations, and challenge your negative thought with a positive one. If your negative thinking is about you ("I'm so stupid, so ugly, worthless"), see a therapist because that's a symptom of depression. 

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    Making a fool of yourself - a psychologist has said that young women are underachieving in math/science courses because they're afraid of making mistakes. "We teach boys to be brave and we teach girls to be perfect," she says.

    Perfection is the ideal, not the real.

    Optimism sometimes gets a bad rep. There's stupid optimism, which says that things are great when they're obviously not, but there's also smart optimism, which is always looking for ways to make lemonade out of the lemons life gives us every day - big ones and little ones. Instead of cursing your bad luck when things don't go as planned, look for the advantages of the new situation. Use your imagination. This is how to be "lucky."  

    While he was filming Jaws, the hit movie that established his reputation, director Steven Spielberg found that his mechanical shark was nearly impossible to work with, subject to constant breakdowns. After giving the problem some thought, he realized that a shark the audience could not see would be scarier.

    Psychologist Marsha Linehan, who created Dialectical Behavior Therapy, says that acceptance isn't liking something. It's learning to live with something we don't like that won't go away, at least not for a while.  

    A couple of tips

    When you're in a bad mood, look at the thought that triggered it. See if it's false or otherwise useless. If it is, let it go and replace it with two positive thoughts. Count your blessings, and remind yourself of your past successes.  

    Stop and smell the roses.

    I've answered a lot of mental health questions, with advice from experts about a variety of problems.

    "Sometimes I think it hurts you when you're afraid to be called a fool."

    - Cale and Reed

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    Begin compiling a gratitude list. Begin with simple things like a roof over your head and a bed to sleep in, and being able to walk and talk, see and hear.

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    Guaranteed: You will make a fool of yourself, everyone does. People will dislike you. Tons will go wrong. You will get bubbly gut and shat yourself in public one day. Death is the only certainty. With that settled: The glass is only half full, you can't fool yourself into not seeing what is right in front of you. What you can do is enjoy that half of a glass. The serenity prayer, "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference". Valuable words to understand. Make the choice to accept the inevitable negative crap and spend your time chasing some wins. It could always be worse, you know this. No matter what you do crummy stuff will go down. 

    People close to me seem to get an excessive enjoyment out of my making a fool of myself. I think it's because I seem immune to it. I'm not immune of course but I am immune to letting it define me. I have slipped and fallen before and I will do it again. So what. Let that sort of crap go. Stay tuned, I will do something stupid tomorrow. So not worth your thoughts.Fear of failure, faith in yourself. I'm 45; the people who I've known for much of my lifetime that never risked failure also never saw any success. You and I both know what you get if you don't try, nothing. I found faith in myself by trying, doing and achieving. Everything I thought would be too hard I later look back on and say, "that was easy". I'm glad I'm stupid enough to try I say. Where else would faith in yourself come from? You have to take risks to to win this one. I have no faith in you if you quit, that's simple logic; you have no faith in a quitter either. Commit and follow thru rather than quitting. See if that brings some positive into your life. Naturally negative won't go away but if you let it define you then there will be no positive. I had to make choices, come to an understanding, make deals with myself on such issues for my life to progress, to seek positive. How many people ramble on about things they are going to do? Everyone?  Well knowing every possible negative outcome as my mind absolutely insists I must consider; I am a business owner while positive people positively talk about what they are gonna do. Wanna fix up your house? Me too so I figured out how to roof, drywall, frame you name it; everyone else is still talking positively. Who is positive or negative or oblivious to how negative their positive is? Make your choice, hold yourself accountable to yourself, crack the whip. I bet it takes you somewhere you can accept.  

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    Easy as take 2 seconds and use a phrase that reminds you to do so!

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    From naturally negative to preternaturally positive prerequisites a potion.

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    I do think it's possible. I was in a negative frame of mind for quite a while. In retrospect I realize it was because I had a lot of stress in my life and I wasn't taking care of myself. I read a book on gratitude and it changed my perspective. I started paying attention to the positive things in my life. I'm healthy, I have a roof over my head and food in my belly, my children are happy and I'm happily married. I live in a great area, my dog is awesome. The more I thought about it the more I realized how much good I have going on in my life. I have become much less negative and count my blessing. Give it a try! It really helped me. 

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