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How do I get over the death anxiety.?

Before I was never thinking about death or dying and was just living life than out of nowhere the fear of death started to interfere with my livelyhood and work. Any recommendations or things you guys do to get over it besides therapy? 

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    Even a cold, ruthless life insurance company will bet that you're likely to live until you're in your 80s. The fact is life is an odds came. We can always think of terrible things that could kill us (fall into a sinkhole, died from flesh eating amoebas, die in a terrorist atack, etc.), just as we can always think of great things that could happen (win the lottery, discover we have a superpower, meet the girl or guy of our dreams while waiting at a crosswalk). Every moment is one of endless possibilities, good, bad, and neutral, and your experience so far is that life is pretty normal. Trust that will continue to be the case. The unexpected almost never happens. When you find yourself thinking about death, try to instead to think about a nice memory (a fun time with friends, for example), try to just listen to your breathing for a few minutes, do a chore slowly, go for a walk, take a shower, or just take some small steps to ease your mind away from the useless thought. If you do that enough times, that thought will eventually come up less often.

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