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I feel very behind in life please give advice. ?

Hello, I guess I can start out by saying i feel very behind my peers in terms of life progress and being a productive contributing part of society and it's affecting my self esteem.I have to start with my history I came to the states as a little child from Ukraine had a hard family life because my parents struggled to assimilate and learn the language always fighting about money eventually they divorced. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression in my teens and it got really bad in my 20's. I struggled with feelings of self worth and low moods and energy most of my life also never feeling loved enough and issues with being people pleaser. in my 30s i picked up smoking marajuana and smoked for about 6 years finally quit cause i felt i was wasting my life. Im 37 years old now. I don't have any kids although i want 1, I am not in a relationship and I would like to get married someday. I look around and everyone seems to me to be a living a life with somesort of purpose and I feel like I'm just floating around aimlessly through life putting my life of until the future that never seems to happen. I waste my life away not attaining my goals or ever getting anywhere. I have a studio apartment, barely any friends, a bachelors degree a little money saved. I don't smoke or drink anymore. Am i where i should be in life? I really feel low about being a loser.

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    I think everyone feels like this about their life. Look on the bright side, you don’t have everything you want but you have everything you need. That’s.... life

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    "Loser" is only an opinion and we all have them.  The life you mention sounds fair.  I imagine it's low stress compared to the others you look around and see.  Probably not fake either.  The answer to whether or not you are where you should be in life is completely up to you.  If you want something to change you will have to change something.  Being alone and being lonely aren't the same thing. 

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    It sounds like you're an independent, productive person. A lot of people have anxiety You seem mature and smart so don't give up. What's your passion? What do you do for recreation? Do you enjoy classes? Books? Once this pandemic is over, join a group like 'Meet Up" (google for groups in your area). There are groups for hiking, cooking, movie lovers, just about anything you can think of. Find a group that interest you and go. You'll likely meet people who have shared interests.

    Good luck, you've got plenty going for you!

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    Except for the fact that you do not feel that good about it, your life sounds fairly normal or common.

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