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The Trinity Test was the first successful nuclear explosion?

But was it the first attempt at a nuclear explosion?

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    Yes and Yes.    The first bomb made was a uranium bomb.   But while making it they figured out it was easier to turn U238 into Plutonium and use that to make a bomb.   So the second bomb made was the first bomb detonated,  that was a Plutonium bomb at Trinity Site.    They used the first bomb on Hiroshima,   just so it would not go to waste.   The Third bomb was the third used,   detonated at Nagasaki.    Iran is not enriching uranium to make a bomb,  they need it to run a reactor to make U238 into plutonium and they will use that to make bombs.     

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    Yeahhhh, as far as i know , and it was similar to the one detonated after few days over Hiroshima !!!

  • 1 month ago

    Yes, it was.

    Two points.

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