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How does "Collosians" in the original Hebrew language of your christian bible not translate as "all of asia " ?

people in israel even today in 2021 , use the word Kol meaning (ALL) similar to arabic kol . they also say Lo to say No . similar to arabic La

so Kol is All , osian is asian . even in german and yiddish , the east is called Ost . 

Kol + Osian = all of asia  

(Asiatic is not to be confused with asia and china ) 


USAF , so you're essentially saying jesus was not hebrew he was either a syrian or a greek 

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    You don't know what you're talking about.  The New Testament was written mostly in Koine Greek, plus a little Aramaic.

    Koine became the lingua franca [the commonly used language] after the invasion of Alexander the Great, and the Jewish Scripture now called the Old Testament was translated into Koine for the many Koine-speaking Jews.  

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    The Five Books of Moses were written in Hebrew.   The rest of the OT was written in Aramaic.   The NT most likely was written in Aramaic or Greek.   As far as your question,  you are mixing languages.  KOL in Aramaic and Arabic and Asian in English...............  Try not to do that.

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