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I had a medical marijuana card in California when I was 20-21. Are there legal limitations now or is this only a medical record?

I’ve been doing some research cause I’m scared for my future. I had a card 4 years ago. I was a 20 year old college student and I quit the weed 5 months before the card expired. I was so young. 20 years old. Is the US really going to hold a bad decision against me when I was so young? I didn’t even finish college back then, I was too young to be even be educated properly. Anyway, I read that I have career limitations meaning that I can’t have a government job anymore. Any other ones? Can’t also own a firearm, permanently? On what type of records is this documented? Will this get cleared in a certain amount of time? 


The information I read up on is mostly from a few years ago. I’m sure it changes every year now. 

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    1 month ago

    Marijuana is currently legal for CA for adults. 

    Was it illegal when you did it? Of course you were a minor so it would still be illegal today due to your age. If medically it was legal then what is the problem? 

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