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could someone please help me with this, thank you!!?

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    '5-methyl hex-2-yne'

    Remember single bonded carbons are '-ane' , double bonded carbons are '-ene' and triple bonded carbons are '-yne', Alkanes, Alkenes & Alkynes respectively. 

    Look for the longest carbon chain, (including  round the 'dog leg'). In this case '6', so it is 'hex'.

    Look for the functional group in the chain , in this case it is the triple bond (-yne). So it is numbered from the lowest carbon end, in this case the right end. 

    Finally, look for any branches in the chain , in this case it is a 'methyl' on carbon number '5'. 

    It is NOT '2-methyl hex-4-yne'. 

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    Could you please stop labeling your questions with meaningless phrases?  This one should be headed something like

    IUPAC nomenclature and structural diagram

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