help me find out the name, info of a book I got in the 1980's or POSSIBLY as late as 1992. it was a (pretty) big book all about wild cats. ?

I got it in the 1980's or POSSIBLY as late as 1992. I believe it was just called "Cats" or "Wild Cats."

It did NOT have information on breeds of domestic cats, it had information about all (or nearly all) species of WILD cats (tigers, serval, carcal, all of them--tiny to big.) It was VERY heavy on photogphy, had a lot of amazing photos of all wild cats. 

     The cats were organized by continent. It might have been National Geographic, but I'm not sure. The photography was GREAT, amazing pictures of the wild cats. That's the main reason I want it again, the photography. Definitely National Geographic worthy. 

         It wasn't a kids book per se, not kids reading level, but I was an advanced reader, cat lover, and was obsessed. I feel like I came across it, falling apart not that long ago but I moved just under a year ago, just now went through all my boxes of books I never unpacked, and can't seem to find it. I'd love to see if I can hunt down a copy in better condition.  

        There was a section near the end of the book entitled "Cats in our lives." I remember (or something super super close to that. 

     fairly thick book, might have been a "coffee table" book. it was hard-back. I had removed the dust cover decades ago but I am pretty sure it was a stunning picture of a tiger (or maybe lion) and the book without the dust cover was black. That's pretty much all I remember, thanks for reading.

   Any help would be appreciated

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    There are quite a few books along this line.

    A quick check on Amazon came up with "Wild Cats of the World" and several others.

    Most are more recent than you are indicating, but you might check out similar sites to see if you can recognize the one you are looking for.

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