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Occasional sharp shooting pain below the belly button?

Every now and then if I stretch too far or if I'm just standing, I'll get a shooting pain right below my belly button, like someone stabbed me in the gut. I'll hunch over out of reflex and remain hunching for a couple seconds to a minute while it goes away. The pain itself lasts maybe half a second, but the gut feeling that I'll get the pain again if I stand up lasts a little longer. I've had one episode last 10 minutes that was really unpleasant. I've been experiencing this on and off for about 5 years now, and seem to get "flare ups" or periods where it happens almost daily, separated by long periods where it doesn't happen at all. I saw the doc about it a year or two ago and they suggested IBS and gave me meds which I never took because at the end of the day my **** looks fine. Any ideas?

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