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What do you think if the use of nuclear weapons against Japan was justified? My friend says it is a pity that it's Germany wasn't nuked :)?

Some arguing that Americans did war crime on Japanese, I'm saying what we saying in Poland about it, commie inclined historian and amateur historian, that was Harry S. Truman, to intimidate USSR and it's Bully-in-Chief Stalin :-)

Rather than defeating Japanazi because Japan was very much defeated by America and India(British Raj) already.

But as Poles, we joking that American was late with their superbomb that it should Nuke Berlin too because they fricking deserved!

That only bad we can say that those two nukes American should be dropped on Berlin and Ruhr Valley ;-)

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Maybe then Angela Merkel would never have been born ;-)

PS I wonder does American known that Manhattan Project was developed my multinational team of scientist not just Americans! 



"I wonder if you know that Germany was defeated before the Manhattan Project had produced a workable device? "I know that but my friend didn't :-) 

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    It depends upon whether you believe that when you are attacked it's better to just roll over and let the attackers kill you and your family and destroy your way of life, or to grow a pair and trace them back from where they were spawned and put an end to their evil doings. 

    If my brother killed your sister and you came back and killed my loved ones, I'd blame my brother, not you.

    Was what we did to Dresden justified?

    Was what Al Qaeda did to the Twin Towers justified?

    Sometimes survival is a matter of beating the enemy into submission and surrender.

    War is heII. 

    I've never been in combat, but I've seen the shattered souls that have been, and wish I could heal them of their trauma and pray they find a way back to live productive, happy lives.

    I was ashamed of how our VN vets were treated by anti-war protestors.

    I've seen how mobs can be easily incited into vandalism, looting, and burning.

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    I wonder if you know that Germany was defeated before the Manhattan Project had produced a workable device?

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