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Causes of severe upper abdominal pain after drinking wine?

After drinking about 4 or so glasses of red wine (13%) I began to experience some upper abdominal pain. This has never happened to me before when drinking, and while I don't typically drink wine, I still have never experienced anything like this. The pain was exclusively in my upper abdomen and was comparable to a stabbing and aching pain, but no nausea. The only think that relieved it was an antacid so I'm curious to what could have led to this. I am a 21 y/o woman with a decent alcohol tolerance so I'm curious to whether or not this could be a pancreatic issue or something else.

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    There are about 25 reasons for stomach pain reported by digestion experts:  Gastroenterologists. The symptoms you relate may be from a digestive disorder called hiatal hernia. The upper- chest cavity is  separated from the lower abdominal cavity supported by the diaphragm. There is an opening(sphincter) in the diaphragm where the stomach and esophagus connect, and part of the stomach can push against the opening and can slide into the opening causing striking pain like a knife sticking in your chest. This disorder usually goes away, and people who are overweigh suffer the most. When I had this hernia, and the pressure-pain started, I would place my fingers on my chest where the pain originates and begin pushing. This is only a part-time fix, but might explain the sharp pain one experience  with the hernia. A guess is the alcohol in excess might be activated to cause the pain. If the pain continues, you should request your doctor refer you to a Gastroenterologist who will perform an Upper Endoscopy that threads a cable with light and camera and looks into your esophagus, stomach, and part of the small intestine. To learn about the digestive system, go to and see pictures and areas of the digestive system and explain how stomach pain can hit you.

    Good Luck.

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    The most likely cause is just heartburn - some stomach acid getting back into your esophagus.

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    Was it on one side? It could be your gallbladder if on your right side. Have you had pain since? 

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