Is this some kind of sign from the Universe?

so there are two guys who have broken my heart in the past... they are both long out of my life. however the most recent one (stopped speaking 6 months ago) randomly texted me out of the blue recently wanting to meet up and apologise (again?). it really caught me off guard bc im over him (we wont be meeting up).

then the other day, literally right as i'm about to tell my best friend about it she tells me that recently she saw the other guy who first broke my heart years ago in a club. super random...

i'm just wondering if this means anything? im over them both but like it's a little strange how they both in a way popped up around the same time?

any insight?


not sure if it matters, but a common theme here is that these two guys both have mmoved overseas at some point. as far as i was aware they were both still living overseas

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  • keerok
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    1 month ago
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    Not really. Even if you have already gotten over them, which is good, they still are part of your past. They will eventually bump into you sooner or later and these two "signs" are just there to test whether you really are over them. There's nothing to it. Just laugh them off and get on with your life, without them. You don't need to meet up but if ever you come face to face with either of them, don't be scared. Speak politely and show with all confidence that you're perfectly fine without them because that is the truth.

  • 1 month ago

    Temptation will happen but you have to stay focused. Guys always come back lol once they see you doing good, they realize what they missed out on. It’s all about how you go from here.

  • Kieth
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    1 month ago

    Just because you forgive someone, it doesn't mean you have to let them hurt you again.

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