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Father has no respect for boundaries. What do I do ?

Hi. I’m 19. 

My dad is kind of an odd character. He’s really promiscuous and has hit on people in front of me when he was married. He will walk around naked (not in front of me directly but where I could still see him) routinely and in general will hold my hand, touch me, hug me, or touch me in general after I’ve told him to stop many times. It takes me screaming at the top of my lungs to get him to stop. Then he’s very bewildered and confused. 

He did this as a kid all the time with tickling and other forms of affection and continues to do it now. 

It’s really annoying because I feel like I have no boundaries in my life and have trouble establishing sexual boundaries. I get panicky over saying no to people for sex, and racked up a large body count at least partially because I was afraid to say no. Given, I was touched by a step sibling and raped at least twice by other men in high school which didn’t help the problem. 


He’s never done anything sexual to me, though as a kid both of my parents were proud when older men looked at me sexually (when I was like 10-12)

Update 2:

Yeah I’m not a tween complaining about my parents coming into my room, Keith. If you had read my question You would’ve figured that out. 

Anyway. Reported for general stupidity 

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    Wow. Dysfunctional upbringing. You will have to reparent yourself, become your own loving parent. And you will have to learn to establish clear boundaries. Your recovery begins now. The past is past. The future belongs to you.

  • Kieth
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    1 month ago

    Move out, or stop complaining.

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