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Which God people worship to end Covid, God who caused it or god who did not prevent it?

1. If it was Cause by Devil, then God is not all powerful.

2. If it was caused by man, then god is weaker than man.

3. If it was caused by nature, then god is not all powerful.

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    God is word the creator of all when word is gone you are gone but word is still here. Word is first and last in everything. God said you will die he never said how many ways to die. The mind is word it can heal and it can kill you or others. Nothing in the universe more powerful for all things are found in word and that is God of all in all. 

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    Resolved in Romans 11:33-36 and 20 centuries ago.  And where were you?

  • mimi
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    1 month ago

    Read the Bible and then you will understand. Scripture tells us that diseases would be a part of the sign of the last days before Jesus' return.  Biblical prophecy as a whole concerning the end times has been coming true exactly as it was described.  2020-2021 hasn't just been a super crazy period for no reason. Jesus called the time that this generation has lived in that will lead to the end "the beginning of birth pains".  Birth pains keep coming more frequently and stronger as time goes on just like all these unusual events have been.  Jesus will come to judge this world sooner than most think.  He told us that in this world we would have trouble,  but to be encouraged because he has already overcome the world.  God is all powerful and will bring all evil and suffering to an end, but as the Bible explains, there is an appointed time when he will do so.  It will be after Jesus returns.  This life is a time of testing and we all have free will to choose whether we want to obey God or the enemy.   When Jesus returns, everyone will be judged for the choice that they made.

  • Harry
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    1 month ago

    Jehovah warned Adam if they ate from 1 tree they would die He told the man he would have to sweat to grow food until he went back into the ground He told the woman she would have pregnancy pains So who is to blame?

    Romans 5;12 shows that from them mankind inhereted imperfection and death Those prophecies have come true The good news is there are some prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled Gen 3;15 Romans 6;7 and v 23 Satan did not challenge Gods power but his right to make rules or sovereignty Millions of angels were watching on so in His Wisdom Justice and Love He allowed The trio to prove who was telling the truth During the thousand year reign  satan will receive his bruise to the head and mankind survivors of arrmeggeddon and the millions ressurected to live on earth will be brought back to perfection Psalm 37 34,and verse 29 Acts 24;15 If you want to survive Get accurate Knowledge of John 17;1-6 I found the best source of accurate knowledge Jehovah will prove that satan will never be able to prevent Him from acheiving His purpose to have the paradise earth filled with perfect mankind 

    Source(s): bible
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  • Archer
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    1 month ago

    Either way you selection in the gods can't seem to control much now does it!

  • Carmen
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    1 month ago

    During Jesus' ministry there was a tower that fell (Luke 13), killing 18 people. Everyone thought it was some kind of punishment for something these people did. Jesus explained that sometimes bad things just happen. It's not always about punishment, judgement or rewards. It's just life. 

    You could make all those same arguments about a serial killer, a car accident, or even a loved one dying of old age. But they aren't at all logical. God is above us all and has a wider perspective, including knowledge that death is not an end, but a transition. 

    How long have you been harboring negative feelings for a god who you don't believe exists? 

  • OTTO
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    1 month ago

    It would seem that God isn't overly concerned about human suffering.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Mankind has been plagued by plagues since time immemorial. God sent them at times as a rebuke and correction device, but not with every occasion. 

    Exodus 9:15 — For now I will stretch out my hand, that I may smite thee and thy people with pestilence; and thou shalt be cut off from the earth.

    Habakkuk 3:5 — Pestilence marches before him; plague follows close behind.

    Mostly they are part of a world fallen from Gods grace beginning with Adam in Eden. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    My immune system ended covid now I'm immune

    Source(s): God is why I still live all praise and glory to Him
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    Atheists hate God

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