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Does a mask mandate (beyond federal) violate current laws on the books or the constitution?

I applaud Biden for knowing he doesn't have the power to do this but it makes for an interesting debate, so I'm writing here based on how the mandate was planned before actually being enacted.

Laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and Constitutional Privacy.

For the CDC says those with a breathing problem or cognitive impairment do not have to wear the mask unless indoors :)

If you are like me and have mental illness and brain health issues, are my medical privacy or HIPPA rights being violated when I'm forced to explain why I only wear the mask indoors or directly outside my building?

Also, during the pandemic for several months, hookah bars were allowed outdoors in NYC. It is debatable if second hand smoke contains COVId, however it does irritate the lungs, why irritate people's lungs in a pandemic? Why pick a fight with the disabled but not hookah smokers?

Also what if someone wants to walk in a public field with 20 acres reaching out of each side of them, that person is breaking the law by not wearing a mask with nobody around? 

How do we debate back yards, if two neighbors talk over a fence and neither are wearing a mask, can we accuse them of breaking social distancing even though they are using their own property in a private manner?

I voted for Biden but do not believe in a mask mandate.

What do you think and defend your argument, I will not award best answer as I'd like this to be a neutral thread where all opinions are welcome.


I spent a good 20 minutes laying out my points. Please read what I wrote and hear my side instead of being dismissive.

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    No law gives any government the power to mandate anyone to wear a mask. However they are using regulations imposed by unelected health bureaucrats to use businesses as a proxy to enforce pseudo mandates. Basically if you go into a business without a mast they do not punish you, they punish the business. This them turns the guy behind the counter into the mask police. 

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    No, it does NOT. 

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    Tell it to the judge, who will be wearing a mask.

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