Recording video on my phone takes up too much storage space?

I have been trying to record videos of myself painting for a time-lapse videos. I use an Iphone 11 (64GB) However the videos, which range from 2-5 hours, take up an enormous amount of GB on my phone, like 25% of it.

The recording always stops partway through because my phone becomes full, and I have to make space by deleting things or transferring the video as I go. Which is a pain and disrupts my painting workflow. 

Is there a better way I can record, such as have the recording sent directly to my Cloud? I already deleted several older apps and pictures, making as much space as I really can. As this is just a side hobby, I don't want to buy an entire expensive video camera just for the painting videos.

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    1 month ago

    Buying a camcorder is your only option.  They aren't particularly expensive.  

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