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Writing prompts?

Does anyone have any good writing prompts? I'm thinking of writing a novel and am stuck on ideas. Not asking anyone to write an entire novel for me or anything, just any writing prompts that could set the ball rolling, so to speak. Thanks for any suggestions people have :D


Thank you so much for everyone's fascinating ideas and suggestions! You guys could become authors or screenwriters XD

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    Barnes & Noble has some prompt books that you write in. I recently got a pdf book "1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts" by Ryan Kinder. Since I was laid up due to an injury, thought I’d try some writing on my IPad. 

    This has been fun and gets me thinking. So far I’ve used a dozen and the writing app has a word counter. Also, I can go back and make revisions easily.

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    Andrew's suggestion sounds like the movie "Ocean's Eleven", which prompted this answer.

    Why not take the plot a favorite movie as your prompt? 

    Man and woman from different cultures or classes or economic strata meet and fall in love on board ship (Titanic), on a bus (It Happened One Night), in a foreign land (Was that "Three Coins in the Fountain"? The one where Audrey Hepburn was a runaway princess pretending to be a tourist in Rome.)

    An old comedy duo reunite because (they need the money, they miss the fame, they are bored with retirement) The unspoken reason is that they miss each other.  The outer problem is that time has marched on.  They have aged and the audiences laugh at other types of jokes.  The inner problem is the bitter feelings from their breakup. ("Stan and Ollie")

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    What genre are you looking for?

    Here's one:

    In a village/town, it is tradition that if a pair of twins are born, one of them must be killed and the other shouldn't know about it. A family had twins and they didn't have the heart to kill their baby, so they ordered someone to get her out of the village and leave her in an orphanage. Years later the girl found some letters from her now-dead nanny about her true past.

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    Daryan is an albino dwarf of Kurdish descent living in East Oslo. He and four friends - Behrooz, Erdem, László, and Virinder formulate a plan to rob the Monte Carlo Bay Casino. Hilarity ensues. 

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    Free 3-Month summer vacation in Hollywood would be a good idea.

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