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What do you think my dad's ethnic heritage is?

We have a surname that could be from anyplace, I guess.  I don't know much about our background. I asked my dad what our family heritage is, but he just said "We're American."  What nationality do you think his ancestors came from?

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    We've been getting "What's my/his/her nationality/ethnicity? Pic included" for 20 years. It is sometimes possible to tell, if

    1) The person is pure-bred

    2) The answerer lives in the area

    I'd bet there are coffee shop waitresses, taxi drivers and policemen in South Africa that can tell tribe at a glance, and the same in the 4 corners country of the American Southwest who can distinguish between Hopi, Zuni and Navajo.

    The task is basically impossible for Americans whose families have been here for more than a generation or two and are white or black, because they will not, 99% of the time, be "purebred", and, since it's a world-wide forum, we probably haven't lived in the area the subject comes from. We regulars (this is my third account, and in my second I was #1 for the category) get annoyed at the ignorance of people who ask, not because we're left-leaning liberals.

    I live in California. Your father looks European; beyond that I can't tell.

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    These kinds of questions anger some people on YA for some weird reason.  I think they must be these people who want to deny ethnic identity among Europeans due to their Leftist anti-Western beliefs.  Anyway, to answer your question simply, to me, your dad looks Spanish.  Not Hispanic, which is a blend of European and Native American, but pure European Spanish.

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    Questions about the answerer are not allowed on Y!A

    YOUR ethnicity is whatever language and culture YOU were raised in.

    Your ethnic background is the ethnicity of your parents and people around you

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    Give the surname and it's national origin can be traced. But that's only part of the equation for any individual's ancestry. Perhaps only the very first step.

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