Why do kids these days fall for everything?

I watched the news and some 13 year old kid fell for a catfish on twitter asking for nudes, when I was his age I had the mental capacity to know that that if some stranger was asking me for nudes online as a child that they were predators and I should stay away from them.

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    1 month ago
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    I swear people are getting dumber. Kids these days are more naive and less self-aware than I ever was. They believe everything they're told. I guess they're just sheltered.

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    1 month ago

    Just because you were smart enough to avoid certain pitfalls when you were 13 doesn't mean everybody your age did back then.  Nor is it true that, in the years between then and now, the intelligence and understanding of 13 year-olds has increased.

    Typically, 13 year-olds today are as dumb (if you will) as 13 year-olds 100 years ago - and the same could be said for ANY age.  These things don't change, even though technology might.  You can rely on a 16 year-old fifty years from now to get into the exact same trouble as a 16 year-old fifty years ago.  It has to do with the stages that the human brain goes through as it develops, and it's not changed in the least by the passage of generations.

    Look at smoking, for example.  We've known since the late 1950s that it kills people.  But kids still addict themselves to nicotine - even in growing numbers, with the advent of vaping.  It's because at a certain point in brain development, many of us hunger for some way to smother our insecurities over how others perceive us, as well as some way to demonstrate our independence and self-determination.  (Tattoos are the same.)  These are things that we all LATER realize were stupid, just like providing nudes to strangers - but we do them just the same.  It's in our biology to not recognize that, until it's far too late.

    It's nothing specific to "kids these days".  It's just kids.  And young adults.  And adults, too, for that matter.

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    1 month ago

    Lack of intellect.

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