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Anyone like my rule I’ve made up on Blackjack, and think it should be used in the game?

If a player hits on 20 and gets 21, they win 10x their bet, unless:

* The dealer gets a Blackjack, making it a push

* The dealer gets 21, making the player only win 2x their bet

* If it’s Free Bet Blackjack and the dealer gets 22, making the player only win 2x their bet

The reason I like this new rule is hitting on 20 is extremely risky, but if you’re lucky enough to get an Ace making it 21, you get paid 10x your bet for winning such a risk.


LegFuJohnson ok that makes sense on your first point but for the second point, what about if they won 13x their bet instead? Yes it’s extremely risky but that’s why they would get so much if they do win

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    Sounds pretty dumb.

    1.  The dealer would have already checked for blackjack before the player goes anyway, so that first point is worthless.

    2.  No one should do it anyway.  10-1 chance when only a 1 in 13 to get an Ace?  When you are likely winning already?  So it's not even an extra 10 to 1 you profit.

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