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Do you take astrology seriously?

I like to look up the personality traits of my sign compared to others, and there are a ton of differences like with Sagittarius compared to my Virgo, but I don't take it very seriously. I just like to look for my personality traits to help learn a little more about myself occasionally.


Anon, I'm not going to read your essay. "You do, why the disclaimer? Believing a little is akin to being a little pregnant." You sound like a retarded know it all. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

Update 2:

"I see astrology as a first cousin to racism and a fraud." Says you, the retard.

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    3 weeks ago

    I don’t take horoscopes seriously.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    I don’t always take horoscopes seriously.

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    1 month ago

    There are times, when I see a really good astrologer break down a chart, natal or mundane, that I don't know how it can be doubted. There are other times, when I read what some astrologers have written, ancient, old and contemporary, that I think they are high on the good stuff.  The odds, though, that a particular person can has his or her life described accurately from a birth chart by chance are astronomical.

    I once watched a famous astrologer (no name.  I do not have permission) stand in front of a group and one by one he answered one question from each regarding their chart.  One of the charts was submitted by a woman who sat in back of me and the chart was that of her daughter. He analyzed the chart, asked her if she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or something similar (yes she had) and then pointed out things in the chart that a) led him to that question and b) lent themselves to suggestions on how to handle the situation.  While he was talking, I heard the woman say, softly, only one or two of us could hear her, "That's what the doctors said."  It was a very touching moment.  The woman was obviously distraught and at her wits end as what she could do (there isn't much, as there is no cure). But what was impressive was how he handled this most delicate situation on a moment's notice, and this woman's reaction to what he was saying.

    Yeah, I know, some nitwit skeptic is going to say it was all a carnival act, but I know astrology, and I know the astrologer by reputation.  He wasn't bluffing. He knew his stuff far better than most.  I know the parties involved not the woman or her daughter, but the astrologer and the head of the organization that held the event.  I know what he said about my chart (now, now.  I'll never tell ;) ) and I know this wasn't staged.  And we only paid a few bucks each to attend.  Yes skeptics, astrologers have to eat, too. 

    This was an event attended by maybe 35 people a long time ago and I doubt many felt it the way I did because they weren't sitting near the woman (strictly by chance) like I was, and didn't hear her remark.  Unless she spoke to the astrologer later, I don't know if she did or didn't, that was the end of it. 

    So these things make me wonder what there could be to astrology. The astrology community, such as it is, nationally and internationally, is disorganized and at times it seems disoriented. There is a common element or thread to all the texts, and they are written by practitioners with varying abilities. Some of its practitioners are well meaning idiots. Others, very few I'm afraid,  have a real gift for insight. So yes I take it seriously, but I still wonder. 

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    1 month ago

    Astrology is about "all" of the planets' positions in the sky at your precise moment of birth and not much about the sign your Sun is in. (The Sun, Moon and Pluto are all termed planets even though they're not actual planets in the way we know them now). What is really relevant to you as an individual is how all of the planets inter-act with each other in your birth chart. Eg, your Sun is in Virgo but Mercury, (the way you tend to think and communicate and gather information), may be in Leo, Virgo or Libra. Venus, (your desires and values etc), can be in Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, or Scorpio.

    Mars, (your attractions and how you go about getting who, what you want in life), can be in any sign etc. Most important though, is how these planets are aspected, (influenced), by other outer planets. Eg someone may have their Sun in Pisces, (generally seen here as a very placid, gentle sign maybe), but if Mars or Pluto is in some sort of aspect to it they'd most likely be nothing like a "typical" Pisces Sun person.

    Astrology can help you become more aware of yourself and especially if you tend to make the same "mistakes" in your life over and over. Then you can maybe learn what you can try to do in order to stop this sort of thing happening.

    Your birth chart is sort of like a play being enacted on a stage of life. Any planets in conflict with each other are the ones you will definitely identify with because these make you notice and make you respond one way or another to them.

    Good for you btw though, for standing up to the moron who's always on here spouting the same rubbish. In order to start having some sort of sense he/she has to learn sometimes things aren't always as they seem or how they should be in life. 

    The proof of the pudding for astrology is in the "eating". Until you actually have tasted it you cannot possibly say anything about it let alone ridicule it. You just show yourself up for what you actually are. (Sorry for landing you with this bit btw, but I can't comment on his/her response directly).

    "When an astrologer finds out a person’s astrological sign, he or she will bring to that experience a pre-existing list of assumptions (prejudices) about that person’s behavior, personality and character. In both cases, the prejudices will cause people to seek out and confirm their expectations." --- 

    Really!!!?  An "astrologer" would not put any relevance to anything in their chart before actually talking to the person. They would not make any assumptions at all. 

    How could you make this assumption when you know nothing about it? You just make yourself look stupid.

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    Don’t waste your time on people that are rational thinkers. Insult instead.

    Astrology and racism share many of the same ideas. For one thing, in both cases a person is being judged by factors beyond their control. Just as people have no control over their skin color, they also have no ability to determine when and where they were born.

    Both astrology and racial stereotypes are based on a framework of belief that basically says: "Without even meeting you, I believe something about you. I can expect this particular sort of behavior or trait (stubbornness, laziness, arrogance, etc.) from members of this particular group of people (Jews, blacks, Aries, Pisces, etc.)."

    When an astrologer finds out a person’s astrological sign, he or she will bring to that experience a pre-existing list of assumptions (prejudices) about that person’s behavior, personality and character. In both cases, the prejudices will cause people to seek out and confirm their expectations.

    Racists will look for examples of characteristics and behaviors in the groups they dislike, and astrologers will look for the personality traits that they believe the person will exhibit. Since people have complex personalities (all of us are lazy some of the time, caring at other times, etc.), both racists and astrologers will find evidence confirming their beliefs.

    Of course, astrologers are not racists. But the belief systems underlying both viewpoints are identical: prejudging individuals based on general beliefs about a group. If we do not assume that African-Americans are lazy, Arabs are terrorists, or Asians are scholastic geniuses, why would we assume that Cancers are emotional, Aries are born leaders, or Geminis are optimistic non-conformists?

    People should be judged as unique, individual persons, not based on what arbitrary group they belong to. To paraphrase Martin Luther King, Jr., a person should be judged not by the color of their skin -- nor the date and time of their birth -- but by the content of their character.

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