That Diogo Jota injury has not helped but now the lads really have to show it - what they're made of, if they want to defend the EPL Title?

The intensity, tempo and aggression of the gegen press style that Klopps made us famous for and arguably the best in the world at,  has caught up with the squad i feel.

As Cara pointed out on Sky Sports,  if you go back 3 odd years ago and that CL Final we lost to Real Madrid the team was pretty much the same as we have now, Wijnaldum and Hendo in mid,  front three was the same etc.

What these lot have achieved in the past couple of seasons has been insane in terms of the consistency and records its still the best performance by any club in epl to date.

However finishing 1 point off City and then winning the CL and then going at the same intensity and high energy high press football to win the league the following season in ruthless fashion only to eventual start showing signs of tiredness ( when we lost to watford, that 4-0 pummeling towards the closing stages of 2019-20 and the arsneal defeat) were small signs of what perhaps was coming.

I think the squad is big enough to compete but whether its 'fresh' enough to do all of it all over again... i mean,  so if physically and mentally impossible to go at that same tempo and high octane crazy levels of 2019-20 i CAN UNDERSTAND THAT.

as I said, no team in England has won the top flight in such devestating fashion except City.

Now its time to seriously step up and give it everything they have one more time, a praiseworthy attempt of a title defense is what we want to see.  Next season they can finish 4th or 5th,  thoughts ?

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    I think you is still innit, innit do you get me bro see what I just did there? Lol I was top of class for comprehension innit

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    Welcome back Taajspurs,its been awhile innit 

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