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how long should i wait to apologize to a guy i dated briefly ?

from my perspective, things ended really bad. and i was the main problem. i did too much & i hurt him. he ended with me last night i said goodbye but i never apologized. i honestly feel the need to apologize, i have never hurt anyone as much as i hurt this man. how long should i wait to send a apology text? i feel after i send it i can peacefully move on.

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    It's never too early or too late to apologize. What matters more is how you apologize.

    1. Call him. It's much more personal and meaningful than a text. If he doesn't answer, then you can text him.

    2. Be sincere and apologize for hurting him, but don't apologize for the actual breakup. Plan out and rehearse exactly what you're going to say, because wording is important here. While you do want to express that you care about him and his feelings, you also want to be very careful not to give him the idea that you want him back sexually or romantically.

    3. Wish him happiness and good luck in his next relationship.

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