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Believing an idiot who lost but says he won, even though in 2016 he declared he’d only accept the result “if I win”?

💯% retarded. 💯% slavish Trumpkin. 💯% true?


Anonymous: It was actually a play on the question that you probably wrote. Glad you find yourselves insufferably whiny and retarded. True?

Update 2:

And yet nobody on the right seemed to think the Republican senators elected in the same election is problematic. So see how your whole retarded argument becomes problematic?

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    Most people found the way several of the states changed their laws was unconstitutional.  They wanted it to be easy to commit fraud.  There is no other explanation for the changes they made.  

    It is known there was a great deal of fraud due to the number of sworn affidavits from witnesses.  They can be charged with perjury if they lied.  Yet nobody has actually investigated these claims because judges will not give standing to anyone over this issue.  Until this is investigated, half the country will never accept the results of elections as being credible. Is that the kind of country you want just because you're afraid there really was massive fraud.  Until its investigated, you think denying it is all that is necessary.  NOT.

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    100% true!                                    

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    I know that is what Biden said, does he realize he won? Oh yeah he forgets things. 

    Send him a note and tell him he won. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Michelle Obama and his husband agree with you

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    What's the matter, Skippy?  Having Trump withdrawal pangs because you can't find anybody else to whine about?  Seek therapy.     But don't worry, you'll be whining just as loudly about Biden shortly.      

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