What kind of business structure does Oxford University have?

I have to do a presentation on company structures. I stupidly picked Oxford Univesity without realised how complicated its structure actually is.

I have to say which structure it most fits into out of a Flat Structure, Tall Structure, Matrix Structure or Functional Structure. I kind of feel like it elements of all of them.


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  • Tavy
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Oxford Uni is not a Company or a Business. It is an educational non profit organisation.

    Start again.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Your problem is that Oxford University isn't actually a business. Non-business organizations have different structure types than business organizations because their objective isn't profit. 

    In the case of Oxford, you might construe that it is akin to a business because it is providing a service (an education) or product (a degree) that its customers (students) pay for in tuition. The problem with that, however, is tuition paid by students Oxford educates isn't actually Oxford's main source of revenue, nor is providing that education or degree in exchange for tuition actually its primary objective but just its most visible function. 

    What Oxford's primary objective actually is is increasing the breadth and depth of human knowledge by way of research. Research isn't funded by customers buying that research, though. Instead, it is indirectly afforded by funding received via alumni donations, grants, endowments, trusts, and returns on various investments Oxford has made using the aforementioned in order to capitalize a revenue stream not related to or contingent on anything it actually does, meaning there is no quid pro quo exchange of a product or service for money when it comes to the lion's share of Oxford's revenue stream and the lion's share of Oxford's organizational activities, unlike if it were a business. 

    Why you're having such a hard time categorizing Oxford's business structure is it isn't actually a business and so doesn't actually fit well into any of those as those are all geared towards organizations whose sole objective is profit when Oxford's objective isn't profit at all. There is no profit. There is only revenue that is disbursed through funding allocations towards any variety of ends having nothing to do with turning a profit. Since the objectives are different, the structures are different. 

    Therefore, if you are to be successful in your assignment, you must select an actual business instead of a non-business for your assignment of determining what business structure a specific business you've selected has.

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