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Is there a wireless gamepad for the PC?

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    With modern console controllers utilizing Bluetooth connections, you can use Wiimotes, PS3 & PS4 controllers with some extra software.

    XBox 360 controllers will work with Windows XP onward with a driver download & has been included with Windows 7 (while there's no Windows 8 or 10 drivers, it work with the Windows 7 drivers just fine), but it requires the a USB receiver to connect up to 4 controllers to it.

    XBox One / Series controller will work with Windows 10 natively (drivers are included with it) with a single controller through Bluetooth.  However, you can get a USB receiver to connect up to 8 controllers (w/o any voice channels.  4 controllers w/ mono voice & 2 controllers w/ stereo voice).

    While it has been discontinued (as of Nov. 26, 2019), the Steam controller supported a wireless connection with a USB receiver.  It's a bit geared to work within Steam without extra software, but it could work with stuff outside of Steam.

    If you don't want to use a console controller (because you hate Microsoft & Valve or something), you can go with the Logitech F710 controller.  It has XBox style controls & a USB receiver.  It's wired counterpart is the F310 (w/o rumble) & F510 (w/ rumble).

    If you need a ranking on these, the recommendation list would be...

    1) XBox One / Series X Elite controller

    2) XBox One / Series controller

    3) Logitech F710 controller

    4) XBox 360 controller

    5) Steam controller

    The XBox One Elite controller takes the top ranking as it's considered the "Platinum Standard" of controllers, with a price tag to go with it.  This is mostly because it was made with more premium materials & additional swapable components to make it versatile & durable than it's standard version (which is the "Gold Standard").

    The main reason the XBox 360 controller takes the 4th slot is that it's currently 2 generations old & has been discontinued in favor of its successor (Xbox One).  The Steam controller falls to the bottom of the list because it's been discontinued & had a considerable learning curve with the controller in use as well as set-up.

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    I can easily use my xBox One and my PS3 gamepads with my PC, and there are loads of others. 

    Almost all require your PC to have Bluetooth. 

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