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Why is today's mainstream music so broken and vapid and why do all current younger female artists sing in a Rhianna-imitation vocal style?

I am not talking about the underground or current alternative waves of music. Like for example, I like late 80's/ early 90's hair metal and aor and right now I am very into almost anything from Frontiers records and I like new music that 80's and 90's Thrash and Death Metal bands are putting out on their own labels. I am also not talking about that minor exception that might hit # 183 for a few weeks or is just an anomoly. Mainstream music, in my opinion started going downhill around 2006 and almost anything after 2012 at the very latest is broken and sounds like a Rhianna imitation with autotune like what I am saying. Unlike the mid to late 2000's which was obsessed with the acoustic coffeehouse sound and park-bench style guitar and style which sounded like crap their isn't even any electric or even legitimate acoustic unplugged guitar used in todays music anymore and if their ever is it is fake, vapid, unoriginsl, and lifeless with no energy or spontaneity.


And by "broken" I mean that it doesn't have any natural flow anymore.

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    Hey man, you said it all, nothing to add 

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