is it acceptable for famous people to be thin but not regular people ?

what’s up with body shaming ?? I see there are many movie actors who are women who are 5’6 and weigh 120  ..yet When I was 120 at 5’4 1/2 tall then I got body shamed ALOT for being thin .it was not minor or trivial . I was body shamed in a very abusive way . I was never a bully . I NEVER bullied big people so I have no clue why the body shaming unless most people are just mad that they themselves are overweight .  I am wondering is it just that there is more body shaming against thin people in certain cities ?  what are your thoughts IF you have experienced body shaming ?


It was both men and women that body shamed me and it was not specifically women more  than men that  acted that way .   thanks for answers 

Update 2:

Thanks .it's because even when I gained weight and weighed 140.. and even like almost 150 for a short time ..then I STILL got bodyshamed for being thin and was told "you need to eat somthin " "gain some weight ".  Although this person that was saying things was not physically around me that in itself perplexed me as well that he could say stuff like that, before physically seeing me in person anyway .. other than this ..

Update 3:

otherwise then before I gained weight and started talking to that man then I just didn't go anywhere . .for a long time after sometime in 2014 ..I just didn't know what to do . gaining 20 pounds was never the answer.  Now I stay at 133/134 and I'm fine with that . its just ..people were mean to me for a long time ..mean to me in person  ..and then the dissapointment about the guy I wanted to be with and that  even he bodyshamed me .. it was beyond frustrating . Thanks for all the answers . 💙

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    Better to be thin (but not skinny) than obese, as there's far less health issues ahead.  As it is, you are within the healthy weight range for someone of your height and should be happy with how you are.

    Those who body-shame you are wanting to deflect their own dissatisfaction with their bodies onto you, as it stops them from crying themselves to sleep over their despair.

  • 1 month ago

    No it is not acceptable for famous people to be thin but not regular people.

  • 1 month ago

    Body shaming happens everywhere; it's certainly not limited to famous people (though they're more publicly 'shamed' for any perceived imperfections than the average person)

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    1 month ago

    If it's family members who body-shame you, it's verbal and emotional abuse. I'm from a sick family. They used everything from my walking gait to how I breathed to shame me, not to mention my appearance and body. 

    However, if it's outsiders, I just don't know. A basic guideline for healthful weight used to be baseline 5' and 100 lbs and add 5 pounds for every inch over that. You might want to look up projective identification; it's possible that is what is going on.

    One more thing, you say you never bully people. Just keep taking the high road and resist lowering yourself. It's seems you are decent and treat people well. It's rare these days.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I am right around your height and weight, and while I haven't been "shamed", so to speak, I have seen other women who are EXTREMELY insecure around me.  How can I tell?  They show it!  I am also the same in that I would never, ever say anything negative towards anyone, no matter what their weight.  I go about my own business and am friendly.  But when you're thin and you care about your appearance, people are very angry towards you, and I've seen it first-hand. So sad that in your case it was downright bullying, and that some choose to spend their lives this way. It has nothing to do with location, it's just that there are very insecure types everywhere.  People have issues, especially women, and are way too obsessed about everyone else.  All you can do is stay healthy and slim, and ignore them.  

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