How do I stop feeling very annoyed with what a bully did to me in the past?

I was FIRED from one of my past jobs not because of what I "did", but what 2 idiots had done to get me FIRED! A moron employee  had used me as a SCAPEGOAT for reporting the line leader to management. This line leader then FRAMES me for something at work a number of times that lead to my unfair dismissal. Apparently, that wasn't enough for him because he was now  impersonating me on SEVERAL job search engines with the intention of keeping me unemployed by misrepresenting me with a potentially damaging resume. His intentions are to keep me unemployed which he did for most of 2020. 

If he's not impersonating me on several job search engines, he's there trying to find out where I work before getting me fired. He will then go back to impersonating me when he knows I was dismissed. 

The damage was so great I was forced to move interstate just to find and KEEP a job. I am now employed elsewhere until such time he finds out where I am working. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Once again, YOU have posted your criminal and personal histories on line, repeatedly.  The only person keeping you unemployed is YOU:

    "I am currently a patient with this mental heath organization. Mercy Mental Health. (Wyndham Clinic) Phone number. +61 3 8734 1550 (8AM - 3PM AEST) Patient name Jan Harmond Dacion. Please do not complicate my situation by telling them any other problems I don't have, as I am trying to get a 2nd opinion that will show I have no mental illnesses that will then allow me to start a career. Don't take away my life. ."

    “December 11 at 10:24 PM · Do you think this is an appropriate Christmas card to my previous employer? He's been a jerk to me throughout my time as a security guard for his complex, so I thought I'd make him a Christmas card. Hoe Hoe Hoe...Merry Kissmeeass! XD” 

  • 1 month ago

    Stop talking to your old co-workers and telling them where you're employed at. No one can stop you from getting a job. Don't make excuses. It's a crime to impersonate someone. Forgive them and go on with your life

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