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Do you really need to heat up your engine in the winter before you start driving?

What will happen if you don’t?

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  • hart
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    "nothing" just take it easy

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    No Germany 21 degrees F and I Just start my car and drive off with the Radiator Blind  in the Up Position to help warm the Engine quicker 

    Note been Driving since 1953 and never owned a new car

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    It's not necessary, just drive off fairly gently as soon as the engine is running well and you can see out properly.  It was sometimes necessary with older carburetted cars, which did benefit from a little warming to run reliably.  Fuel injection systems did away with the need for that.

    If it's freezing I will start the engine and leave it running while I remove snow and ice from the glass, simply to give the demister a head start.

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    No.   Letting the car run heats up the engine but all the other parts are still cold.   If you then go hot rod from the parking spot you put a massive strain on the transmission.     It is better to start the car,  then get it moving but do it gently,   that way all the parts will be heating up.   Plus you will waste less gas.    The only exception is starting the car,  turning the windshield and rear window heaters on and then clear ALL of the window glass.   

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    All you need to do is let the engine oil pressure come up an that takes 30 seconds.

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    If the car was built in the last 30 years, you SHOULD NOT warm up the engine by idling. It is designed for the engine and transmission to warm up together, which requires actually driving.

    The Devil: To the extent a cold engine suffers more damage, that damage WILL happen idling as much as driving.

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    You don't need to heat up to full operating temperature.  You should run the engine long enough to get the oil pressure up, maybe one minute.

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    As much as you need to open your eyes before running out in the street. This same question has come up too many times over the last week.When you read the other answers, why don't you understand them? Learn what happens during the warm up. Parts expand, closing gaps between them. Multi viscosity oil thickens, providing better protection. Fuel enrichment decreases as warm up signals the computer for adjustment.

    It's true, you can drive off as soon as the engine gets running, but most wear and tear occurs until oil flows sufficiently and parts expand. Smaller engines with lots of aluminum parts warm up quicker than bigger engines with heavy iron blocks. Start thinking as well as starting the engine.

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    the oil is thick and doesnt flow properly cold so may 'starve' some areas of good oil film protection .. it wont hurt anything if you keep your foot out of it for 10 minutes or so, just take it easy on it ..

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