What influenced Stan Lee?

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    A variety of things.  Stan had said that he was bored writing comics the same old way and was frustrated with both Marvel's struggles and the unrewarding pay and the artistic straightjacket he was in.  So he had decided to quit comics.

    Lee says that his wife then told him that before he quit, he should try writing just one comic HIS way, how HE wanted to do it.  Thus was born the Fantastic Four.  And it was such an instant hit that his boss at Marvel was smart enough to let him do it again.

    From there, Lee was often influenced by the things around him.  He was in NY trying to make rent and made a super hero in Spider-Man who was struggling with regular life.  He saw the racial struggles of the civil rights era and made the X-Men as a metaphor for racism.  He took Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and spun it into the Hulk.  

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    Part of it was, he needed a job. When his uncle asked him if he'd be interested in a position, aspiring novelist Stanley Liber figured, why not I can make some money and practice my writing/editing skills but I won't use my real name because comics are for kids. And his uncle would regularly ask him to one up the competition, make a better supergroup than DC, make a better war comic than DC. So a large part of his inspiration was that he needed to create more and more stuff to make a living and support his family. But also he was surrounded by comics and their creators and ideas all day and would often think of ways to make things better or more interesting, so when he was put in charge he would pull in the artists he thought would be great for the job to create the best product they could, in the limited couple weeks they had available before it had to be published. 

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    His mom.

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