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Is this rude or not?

My BF's cousin is an international student but I'm sure his English is good as he was an English tutor back home. I noticed that when the three of us are together, he only speaks his home language which I don't understand. Is this rude or not?

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    Yes it is rude.

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    It's not "rude" exactly, at worst it's a bit thoughtless. But don't sit there scowling. Smile and say, "Hey, I'm not getting any of this! Can you use English now and again please?"

    The nicer you are, the more willing he'll be to speak English.

  • 1 month ago

    As he is a cousin, it is well known they are likely having a relationship. Cousins, especially in America do and its accepted amongst those kind. I guess they are communicating in front of your face about their next catch up out in the barn. My idea, secretly record and learn what they are saying, translate it then BAM catch them with their jeans down out in the orchard !!

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    1 month ago

    Then speak up. Sorry but would you mind speaking English  when we are together. I would appreciate it. 

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