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I’m 16 and I can’t stop  cutting myself, what can I do to stop the habit, do I need to go to the ER? ?

CAUTION! Read at your own risk. I’m going to post this anonymously. I was raped And molested by my aunt’s ex-fiancé  between the ages of 4 and 10. It went on for six entire years because he always found a way to be left alone with me. He threatened to kill my dog if I told on him, and obviously any child would believe that threat if it were coming from an adult, especially if it’s someone that the whole family trusted. I didn’t disclose it until my aunt broke up with this guy when I was 13-ish. I developed panic attacks, depression, nightmares, body image issues and extreme clinginess towards my mom and dad. I’ve been self-harming for several years now. I really want to stop because I know it’s bad and I can accidentally kill myself if I cut a major vein. At this point idk if I can even stop doing it by myself because I keep getting the urge to every time I get triggered. I have cuts and scrapes all over my legs, butt, thigh and arms. I used it as a way to feel physical ache because I wanted to forget the images in my head. I saw a lot of things that I shouldn’t of, but I cant forget even the details. Going to the ER is where a lot of people end up when they can’t stop.

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    I was a cutter for  years  I also was a victim of abuse and moested for 13 years I self harmed to the point it was dangerous a couple times i cut so deep u could see the bone in my arm  but my i was able to stop with rubber band when I wanted to self harm i would snap my wrist with a rubber band it helped me stop cutting  myself give it a try

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    Two therapists who treat self-harm say in their book that whenever possible therapy outside a hospital is better than inpatient care. They say that therapy to teach real world skills is best done in the real world. I suggest getting this book and talking about it with your family and a mental health professional. 

    Freedom from Self-Harm: Overcoming Self-Injury with Skills from DBT and Other Treatments. This book has been endorsed by Marsha Linehan, who created DBT, the best treatment for borderline personality disorder, which has serious self-injury as a frequent symptom.  

    If you go to the Amazon ad, you'll see that readers GREATLY appreciate this book. One said, "This book helped me tremendously."

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    If the cutting is a consequence of the abuse you suffered, then I would have thought it would be best to seek help with overcoming the pyschological trauma rather than trying to get treated as a medical emergency (unless you are in a situation where you feel urgent help is needed right now to stop some immediate harm). I imagine there will be charities and support groups in your area for people who have suffered abuse, so try looking into that to see what options are available to you.

    If you are Christian, or open to Christianity as a possible source of answers, I also suggest you might also find some help in reflecting on the cuts and wounds which Christ suffered on the cross. If you are wounding yourself, perhaps at a subconscious level, to punish yourself or try to destroy the body that has been defiled, then you are needlessly repeating what has already been done. 'By his wounds are we healed'. 

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    Cutting yourself is a drug addiction when you cut yourself you release Endo morphine the most powerful drug that there is it's made inside of your body. You have to get help for drug addiction. In the meantime you can use an electric stun gun on the bottom of your feet to cause the same Rush of endomorphine without damaging flesh and making blood spill out.

    the primary thing is to seek treatment for the drug addiction because that's what you have

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