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What motherboard can I upgrade to?

I'm considering just upgrading my MoBo and CPU rather than buying a whole new system and I'm a bit overwhelmed.

I have an Alienware 51 r1 case (to clarify, it's not the triangle one)

MoBo is: Alienware 0J560M

CPU is Intel Core i7 930

GPU is Geforce gtx 1070

RAM is 2 sticks of 8gb corsair vengence (and a 2bg prehistoric stick for a total of 18gb)

HDD is a hitachi deskstar Part# 0a33422 (500gb 3.5x1in)

The HDDwill also be upgraded but I can figure that out on my own. I'm just trying to find something to replace the mobo/cpu without having any issues.


To answer Russ:

Per most "can I run it" pages, my CPU is the part that doesn't meet most recommended game requirements. This is why I'm looking to upgrade that. However My mobo is so old I couldn't find any worthwhile CPU compatible for upgrade.

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    I looked up the motherboard and it's a run of the mill 9.6" x 12" ATX motherboard. There really should be nothing to it. You'll have to replace the RAM with some DDR4 modules. I recommend getting DDR4-3200 RAM at the least, but if you go with an AMD Ryzen CPU then DDR4-3600 RAM will help a little. It wouldn't hurt to get a new CPU cooler, and if you go with Intel you will almost be forced to get an aftermarket cooler. 

    I would recommend getting an M2 drive because these have a small footprint. The NVMe M2 drives are nice. 

    Years ago I had a system with a Core i7-930 and I've come across a few different x58 systems from time to time. These are designed to run the RAM in triple channel so you need either 3 or 6 sticks of RAM, of equal memory size. It looks like you're limited to 3 sticks. 

    With these x58 systems I've come across on the 2nd hand market, I've upgraded the CPU to a 6-core Xeon x5690, x5680, x5675, w3690, or w3680. The Xeon w3680 is pretty much the same as the Core i7-980x but it can be found for considerably cheaper. I don't know if your Dell/Alienware board would work with these CPU's, due to BIOS limitations, but it wouldn't hurt to investigate to see if these will work. 

    Most games will run with the Core i7 930 but thanks to the lower clock speed of 2.8ghz-2.93ghz and the older version of Core architecture, you might not see the best framerates. 

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    frankly, if your preferred games won't run at all, or won't run well -- get a whole new system ... it's likely about the same cost anyway.  you'll need to upgrade both the cpu and the gpu, along with the mobo and ram ... well worth it in the long run

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    There is good chance your 2 GB stick is slowing down your entire RAM access, you should increase your RAM to 16GB of the fastest speed your MB supports.  Even if you don't update the ram you probably should remove it.

    You say you want to upgrade, the question is why?  If you are talking about video gaming, your GPU is probably hurting you more than you MB and CPU.

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