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Don’t you get annoyed when members don’t follow up with a favorite  answer vote? ?

It is so frustrating, I have a backlog of answered questions where nobody has taken a vote and some ones where I was the only answer. Many of these are almost 10 years old.

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    It is NOT A VOTE. Yahoo termated voting for best answer on March 20, 2014, almost 7BYEARS AGO. Whether someone Chooses A best answer or not and WHEN they choose A best answer is totally up to the person who asked the question. Verizon no longer reminds you every day to choose a best answer. That was very annoying when Yahoo did that. 

    Yes, sometimes It is annoying, but I realize many people have NO. IDEA How to find their questions again or know that they CAN CHOOSE, NOT Votes best answer after 1 hour or 1 answer that is not their own answer. 

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    No. It's up to the OP to select an FA and many don't bother. As points are less meaningful these days than they've ever been, it doesn't matter at all from a points standpoint. Too many users select nonsense responses as their "FA" anyway, even if they received quality answers to their question.


    As it's likely that you already know (but are pretending not to) voting for BA ended many years ago. Since that time ONLY the OP may select a best/favorite answer, and many don't care enough to do so, or simply forget.

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    I don't give it a second thought................if I get best answer.........great. 

    If not.....oh well. 

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    Nah its just a Question its not like you get any Actual Prizes or $$$$$ or anything Points dont mean anything 

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