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Why is it people only listen when you are brusque/ to the point rather than being polite.?

So many examples of someone in your way, in a queue, dawdling down the road (often starring into a phone), taking up as much room (and time) as they can in a shop aisle. Saying "excuse me" or otherwise being beholden to them while you hold your cap in your hands does NOTHING. They refuse to move. Yet when you say "SHOO" or "JOG ON" etc.., they actually take notice  and move but then claim you are being rude when they don't move for an excuse me. Annoyingly people tend to only suggest saying "excuse me" or a lame cough, This never works, yet a loud noise or quick shove always does the trick!  Why is this??

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    Interesting question!   My guess is that most people use the exact same words, whether they're aiming for politeness or wanting to yell at someone.  Take a phrase like "Can I please get in front of you"?  I can picture someone yelling this with an emphasis on PLEASE, trying to make a point about dawdling.  Said much more softly, it's a very different thing.  Me, I just tell them to get off their damn phone and/or move their fat ass. j/k  sort of.

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    cause they can hear you more that way

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