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How do I look older?

I’m 20 years old, I’m 4’10 so about the size of a child, my weight doesn’t help either as I am very skinny with 0 curves (also don’t want to gain weight). I work in healthcare and no one ever takes me seriously, today one of the clients thought my boss was my dad and I was just hanging around. Is there a way to do makeup so I look older? Should I show my tattoos more? It sounds dumb but I’m really insecure about this. I don’t dress particularly like a teenager or child, I dress like I’m going to work. PLEASE HELP

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    If you post an additional question with the details of what you do in healthcare and what you wear to work and what your coworkers wear, I think you'll get more helpful responses. 

    If you wear scrubs, then maybe your hair and make-up can be tweaked. If you're in administration, maybe your wardrobe can be updated. I'm happy to offer my suggestions, but need to know more. 

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    you must be east asian

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    be happy you look younger

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