Could this develop it?

My niece Brittany is eight and taken to the doctor yesterday for a yeast infection (UTI). They gave her medication. Brittany is eight

There are a number of causes I guess but wonder if this could cause it?

Brittany when she wears a dress wears briefs made of nylon. Never when she wears pants cause they don't breath well. Trap heat or sweat?

Friday afternoon Brittany after misbehaving got a good spanking over Daddy's lap. In a short dress that was raised. Daddy hand repeatedly for a few minutes when Brittany was wearing a nylon panty.

Could this cause heat and cause later that night that she would develop an infection (itching) ?   

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    You just listed two completely different ailments. A yeast infection is NOT the same as a UTI. A UTI is a "Urinary Tract Infection" which is caused most often by E. coli bacteria, usually from feces, usually from improper wiping after using the toilet. Yeast infections are caused by overgrowth of yeast, often as a result of a high sugar diet or antibiotic overuse.

    If her symptoms were "itching" then I presume that means she had a yeast infection, and NOT a UTI. UTI's are infections in the urinary tract, and make you feel like you have to pee all the time, and then often burns when you pee. They often require antibiotics to treat them. Yeast infections generally are not inside the urinary tract. They're usually really itchy and causes a white clumpy discharge. And if that's what it is, then YES, if she's wearing hot tight non-breathable synthetic nylons for long periods of time, then she probably created a warm environment where no moisture can escape, and is perfect for breeding yeast, if there was any yeast already present.

    Just like when you bake bread, and put it somewhere warm and cover it with plastic so it can make the yeast grow. That's basically what she did. However, hot warm environments alone does not usually cause yeast infections, it just helps it grow. Yeast overgrowth is likely already there, and usually do to a combination of systemic factors due to high sugar diet, taking antibiotics, or not eating enough yogurt, etc. As having yeast in your body does not mean you have a yeast infection. We all have yeast in our body, which is fine in small levels if it's kept in check with our natural gut flora, but if it gets out of balance from poor diet or antibiotics, or taking long bubble baths and killing off good bacteria, and then on top of that, you have poor clothing habits like wearing the synthetic unbreathable tights all day, then you're just begging for a yeast infection.

    As for the random spanking part of the story, I don't know if this is included as a joke or what, but it is irrelevant for purposes of causing yeast infections.

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    And here I thought we saw the end of this nasty little posts a while ago.

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