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Need a new toilet, what brand should we AVOID and why???

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    Consumers Report usually rates toilets. Check with them. They rate most Kohler toilets very high. I have had several of theirs and they are good. The American Standard Champion has been a recommend model by Consumers Report for many years. My son had one and was very pleased with it.  As for ease of installation, the dimensions in terms of installation are all the same based on an ANSI standard.

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    search online for sellers who rate the 'flush power' of their toilets -- that'll tell you what's worth buying.  Skip sellers who don't do this for you.  -- grampa

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    anything that dont work

  • 1 month ago

    I would avoid the brand American Standard. Although I am not super knowledgeable on toilets, I scoured the internet (in an effort to help you!) and I found that most plumbers DREAD installing American Standard due to poor quality and tight fits. I hope this helps!


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