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Lingual tonsil  transplant?

Alot of people get there Palatine tonsils and lingual tonsils removed, the doctors dont tell you that they are part of your immune system nor that they filter bacteria or fungus throughout the body. When you get these removed you  are prone  to lymphoma and other cancers..why are we not transplanting these organs into other bodies is my question....if we knew about this since 1980s why aren't  we transplanting these organs  in the 2000s era....


Plus immune suppression medication is so that the organ doesnt reject the organ and it's only 50% that it works...immune suppression medications failed on 8 of my patients and all need new organs again... my question is why can we transplant these used organs without Immune suppression medication and see the difference on immune rejection...since these tonsils are what control immune rejection through bacteria and fungus...

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    I don't know what the possible side effects of getting your "lingual tonsils" removed, as I only got my palatine tonsils removed, and I got them removed because I was getting strep throat all the time, and I love not having them and never get strep anymore, and barely ever even get sore throats, so good riddance. And I don't care what you say, I don't want any new ones transplanted in there. Plus, past childhood, tonsils are useless for the most part anyways, so why on earth would anybody want somebody else's useless germ sponges stuck back in their throat to re-cause the very problems they got rid of them for?

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    Immune  suppression medications is back to square one if you consume them you will still get 50%50%rejection on organs transplant... my question is why aren't we allowing to transplant  these organs regardless of organ immune rejection...since there job is to filter bacteria and fungus we dont know the probability of exceptenace through organ transplant...

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    transplant surgery requires you take medicine that suppresses your immune system, for the rest of your life. That far outweighs any gain.

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