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What fun am I missing out in life by living at home?

I am 29 years old, still live with my dad and younger siblings, our mom passed away almost 7 years ago. I want to move out soo badly, but my dad says no. I have a seizure disorder and neurofibromatosis which contributes to my "dumbness" or being too dumb to live on my own.  What fun am I missing? Fort Wayne Indiana is where I live 

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    You're  missing out on a lot, which is why most people your age are long gone!  Once you leave home and are self supporting, you get to make every single decision about your life without your dad's approval or comments.  If you want to spend a whole weekend in your pj's, you get to do this and nobody comments or cares.  If you want french toast and a cinnamon roll for dinner, you make and eat this.  

    I have no idea why your dad calls you dumb, because you're an excellent writer.  Also, I looked at your other questions, and you are one curious human being!  This, too, is a sign of intelligence.

    The best road to independence is start small, meaning don't try to live alone in your own apt.  Look at nearby group homes.  These are fun, easy to get into and cheap.  You don't say anything about a job or whatever, but with your writing skills, I guarantee there are home based jobs you can get.  If you go through a certification course (like medical transcription) you can make very good money and work as much or little as you want.  If you aren't working now and have never worked, you might want to do this before getting a room, but I've seen ads on my local craigslist where rent is reduced or even free in exchange for administrative skills.

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    you might have more fun at home

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    Freedom. If you live on your own, you only have to be responsible for yourself. You don’t have to worry about anybody else. 

    If you want to come home at 1 am, you can. If you don’t want to come home at all, you can. 

    You don’t have to tell anybody where you’re going. 

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