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Breeders for the common people? I am so tired of everyone bad mouthing so called “back yard breeders” why can’t everyone accept that these ?

Breeders fill a need? One can no longer find free puppies and shelters are full but they are full of pit bulls and cats. Myself and other common people cannot afford 3 to 4 thousand dollars for a puppy just because his or her parents hold some title. I am not interested in titles! Rescues have miles of red tape and the dogs are grown. That leaves one choice, breeders for the common people! I am thankful for these breeders! Yes there are a few bad apples but that is anything and anywhere.

I am sick of people trying to make it where only the rich can have a dog.


No, ? You are thinking of puppy mills and yes those are horrible. I am talking of someone who is humane and caring but my puppy was only $600 not 4K , my dog is healthy and a great pet!

Update 2:

No Nekkid I did NOT nor would I buy from a puppy mill, just a reasonable breeder, I guess as one poster said the correct term is hobby breeder. This breeder’s dogs are well cared for and loved.

Update 3:

Nekkid, I DO NEED a dog and you have no right to claim otherwise!

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    I breed Chihuahuas they are very loved and well cared for I always ask the interested adopter if I can check with they're vet to make sure the previous or current pets are utd on everything. I only charge $500, as I know how people including myself can't afford a several thousand dollar dog. I do not breed for the money it helps yes, but in my area Chis are hard to find actually, I had to drive 6 hours for the closest breeder. Mine comes with a health guarantee first shots, and a puppy bag, and if the new owner need help I always have my phone on 24/7 unless at work due to me being a full time nurse. I breed to share the love of those small dogs, not for the money! I agree with you, not every breeder is a byb'er people is rude and they want to label and put people down.

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    There is a contrast between an expert/show canine reproducer, interest raiser and patio raiser. Business BYBs, or doggy plants, breed canines explicitly for benefit and couldn't care less about the wellbeing or treatment of the pups. Regularly doggies reared from factories are over the top expensive and have unexpected issues from the absence of immunizations and helpless day to day environments they come from. Side interest reproducers don't have various litters and normally breed canines to keep as allies for themselves, companions, or family. These canines some of the time don't have extravagant AKC papers or are not considered "show quality", yet are extraordinary buddies that come from a sympathetic family unit. These canines aren't generally costly and no where close to the cost of a show reproduced pup.

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    rule 1 breeders do it for the money , thats all they care about is money , try the local pound .even so called hobby breeders do it for the money . people love money and the less work they do for it is there choice .what education you need to let a boy dog on a girl dog , real geniuses arent they .

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    Did you know that every single dog & cat in any pound, shelter or rescue ALL come from BYBers?  Yep, BYBers are overflowing ALL of these places & dogs & cats have to be euthanized just to make room for the next round of dogs coming in.  ALL were bred by BYBERS.  You will not find one well bred dog there.  Because of their greed, they keep popping out low quality dogs & cats for as much money they can scam out of you.  Selling sick, unhealthy dogs to the public & many people get scammed by them.  Their breeding tactics ruin every breed they chose to breed.

    The flow of puppies in these places come twice a yr. during breeding season.  The pounds, shelters & rescues are over flowing with puppies & the adoption fee is low compared to what you would pay the breeder.  I think that BYBing of peoples pets should be banned cause they pop out some very poor quality dogs & cats.

    Try looking at this from a different perspective to get a full picture of the whole story.  Puppies born without legs, congenital genetic defects that cost lots of money when being seen by a Vet, surgeries that are necessary to correct some of the defects.  Major faults, bad temperaments.  These BYBers are very ignorant or just don't give a damn about the pups, just out to scam people out of their hard earned money for a very low quality dog. 

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    "Breeders for the common people" You mean breeders for the uneducated who fail to research, who think the price of a dog is the reality of the cost of it all........... BYB breed from non standard pets, don't have health testing, don't know and don't care about what happens to the pups once the idiots who buy them leave once they have their money for the pup in their grubby mitts then the idiots new owners wonder why their pup becomes ill /has genetic health issues

    You will find registered breeders have in the main stopped breeding their dogs unless they already have a waiting list for their pups already in place and the BYB are the oones who are filling the void by breeding their substandard mutts and they are the ones charging x10 increases when they are not suitable and no 'new' real owner would wish to take on one of the mutts for free ....as many are heading for heart break after a couple of years of spending thousands in vet fees trying to get the BYB mutt healthy

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    And I despise your attitude about this.  

    I've been with rescue for over 25 yrs and in all that time it is 99.9% byb's dogs that fill them. 

    The byb doesn't do any health testing which should be essential for all breeding.  They don't make out any contracts stating that the dogs must go back to them as their responsibility is with the dog for life.   They don't necessarily charge any less than a good breeder as they just look at what other people sell for and just charge the same. 

    Here is a fact... if you buy from a byb at least one or more of your dogs siblings will end up sold on an online page or in rescue.   And if you have ever walked in rescue shoes and realised how many people are driving round the country,  spending thousands of $'s or £'s and taking endless hours to sort out these poor dogs that should be the responsibility of the breeder ... and lets not forget the endless fund raising to pay for the horrendous health issues a lot of these dogs have... dodgy hips / elbows / knees / heart / eyes among other things. 

    There is a reason why we should all only buy from responsible breeders and my preference is the HOBBY breeder who does it properly but only has one litter a year or every 2nd or 3rd year. 

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     They dont fill a need !  Such people ruin breeds by crossbreeding  and produce many sickly  Substandard dogs. And also fill rescues to bursting point. I help out at a herder rescue..... homechecking.

     And heres something I very recently witnessed........

    A poor malformed byb bred dog  of just 6 months He had the body and temperament and drives of a border collie. Set  atop dachshunds legs and its pityful to see and  wanton cruelty im afraid also.... Like the fact or not:

    I saw him destroyed. by lethal injection through no fault of its own, around 2 weeks since.

    Due to chronic back problems and several disc displacements..... The people who bred that poor dog into a life of agony. Are exactly the kind of idiot you lend your support too..... They do nothing for dogs or for the people they supply such dogs too either..... To the contrary in fact......

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    There is a difference between a professional/show dog breeder, hobby breeder and backyard breeder. Commercial BYBs, or puppy mills, breed dogs specifically for profit and do not care about the health or treatment of the puppies. Often puppies bred from mills are very expensive and have health complications from the lack of vaccinations and poor living conditions they come from. Hobby breeders do not have multiple litters and usually breed dogs to keep as companions for themselves, friends, or family. These dogs sometimes don't have fancy AKC papers or are not considered "show quality", but are great companions that come from a humane household. These dogs aren't usually expensive and no where near the price of a show bred puppy. 

    If you do not care for the breed of dog, I would visit a shelter. If you want a purebred, but are not going to show or compete with your dog, find a local hobby breeder in your city or state. Many people post ads in their neighborhood or local dog club. There is nothing wrong with getting a purebred dog, but please do not support or buy a dog from a puppy mill.

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    Back yard breeders produce dogs with questionable genetics and a high chance of defects and health issues.

    There isn't a "need" for cheap dogs.  No one "needs" a dog.

    Bet you're the kind of person who will still buy the latest apple or galaxy phone tho, when a $100 phone will make the same phone calls.

    The difference is, a phone isn't a living thing that suffers from being made cheaply.

    When your puppy ends up sick or dead, your byb won't provide any support or guarantee.    They are done with the pup once the sale is over.   Pup died of parvo 3 days after purchase?   Sorry about your luck.Your "cheap" dog will cost you more in vet care later. Your "cheap" dog may not end up the proper size, coat type or temperament for the breed it's supposed to be.Your "cheap" dog may not even actually be a purebred, or may not be the breed you were told it was.Your "cheap" dog may have such a bad temperament that it can't be trained, or is aggressive.Your "cheap" dog could end up with a genetic issue that kills it by the age of 5...  And there's no recourse from the breeder.You get what you pay for.   A dog costs at least $100 a month to care for, you could literally save that until you have enough to purchase the dog you want...   But you want the impulse purchase..  you want it now, and you don't care how cheap it is.You'll get what you pay for.

    Your dog came from nothing more than a small scale puppy mill

    That isn't a "hobby breeder" either.    A hobby breeder is one who shows, does health tests, but only breeds on occasion.  

    You bought from someone with sub-par dogs who did not do genetic health tests..  your dog likely isn't even a purebred..  they sold at a cheap price to make a quick sale for a quick profit.

    A small scale puppy mill

    Even if your dog is lucky to end up healthy, a LOT of puppies produced by cheap breeders are NOT so lucky.  You're still supporting unethical breeding..  and telling breeders that you're fine with them producing cleft palates, liver shunts, epilepsy and hip dysplasia.

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    I will put this as nicely as I can: the problem with the vast majority of these BYB’s is they typically do not care about the dogs themselves, only profit. Many of these dogs and puppies are very sick and have a lot of health problems in their lives. They are bred over and over and over, basically nothing but puppy machines and have very sad lives. Locked in cages, studded, puppies, repeat. 

    Also, a lot of these irresponsible breeders will try to cross breed to make the dogs smaller, have certain colorings, basically playing God to stuff their wallets. It’s one thing for an unfixed dog to get out, come back pregnant, and the puppies are given away and quite another for these people to purposely put these dogs through hell for profit. 

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