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What are the best brands of cat food?

So I’ve recently got a kitten, I’m feeding her Felix wet food and “go cat” Purina dry food my friend said Purina is so bad for cats with all Bad additives it in Eden I research I get food and bad reports, 

My friend recommended Applaws what is more expensive but said it’s amazing quality??

So my question is what are the best brands of cat food for UK ? I’m willing to pay more I just want to find the best one for my kitten? 

Thanks in advance 

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    Honestly - don't over pay for cat food.

    Read ingredients.  The first ingredient on a cat food should be MEAT.  If the first item listed is a grain or a rice - pick something else.  Don't be too picky about "additives" or worry too much about "all natural".  Just make sure the food you pick is meat based and not grain based.  Cats are true carnivores and too much grain in their diet can cause health issues.  Almost every cat food is going to have some grain fillers in them. (including the one I feed my cats - but meat is the first listed ingredient - not a grain.)  Also, some of the "additives" in cat food are the vitamins and minerals that they need for a complete diet since they aren't eating things they catch to get those vitamins.  So be sure to read the list of additives.  Most of them should make sense as being a vitamin or mineral that should be beneficial.  

    Personally, I have had several cats over the years.  Most of my cats have reached AT LEAST the age of 15 just eating average store brand foods - including Purina cat food.  My oldest cat was almost 18 before he died.  Right now, I have two cats that are 13 and 14 and they eat Purina Cat Chow Indoor Cat Food.  Sorry, I don't know specific brands for the UK since that is not my location.

    Their coats are soft and shiny and they are still fairly active for old cats.  They also get good check-ups at the vet.  

    We actually tried to switch them to a "better" food and one of the two cats actually refused to eat the new food.  She would just sit and the bowl and meow until we gave her the old food.  (and yes - we blended new with old for several days starting at 25% new with 75% old and slowly changing the blend to increase the new and decrease the old.  When we reached 75% new and 25% old, one cat stopped eating the food and we had to switch back to the other cat food.)  Expensive cat food doesn't help if the cat doesn't like it.  

    One last thing - just in case you don't know this.  Cats are actually lactose intolerant.  Cats love milk but if you give a cat too much milk, the usual result for the cat is diarrhea.  You can get "kitten formula" if you want to give your kitten a milky treat, but be careful how much actual cow's milk you give your kitten.  

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    Don't know if Meowmix is available where you live, but if so avoid it:  absolutely the worst low level junk with terrible additives.  I make it a practice to provide kittens with food from more than one source on the assumption if one lacks something good for them, multiple sources increase chances for getting everything they need.

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    i would ask your vet about it

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