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If I get a real estate license, can I work for myself opposed to a broker?

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    No, you need to get the license and work under a broker for a number of years first.  Then you can get a brokers license and only with a brokers license can you work by yourself.  

    There are discount brokers who really don't make their licensees do much of anything and also take minimum commissions, but in return they don't give their licensees help of any kind.  This might be the best start for you if you think you'll be pretty much on your own and thats the way you want it.

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    It depends on the state.  Most state's require that you be a sales associate for a period of time before you can become a broker.

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    Sure, if you have enough money to set up your own real estate business.  However, based on your question, I think that you have no idea whatsoever about what it costs to start a real estate business.

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    Don't bother becoming a realtor. I am trying to help you out!

    I know something you don't know. Realtors won't be able to sell anything if there is nothing to sell. Currently there is something to sell, but I think ALL realtors will eventually lose their jobs.

    I have been watching what is happening with people's homes around the world, and if I were to take an educated guess realtors are going to lose people's trust.

    Some people have already lost their homes, and from what I heard grown man cried because they lost their properties.

    Regarding myself I have a safety net unlike a lot of other people, so if someone were sell me property, and if I were to lose it then I won't lose my home. I think there is a possibility that I probably will lose my property, and I would not have to vacate. I heard of people vacating their homes, and I watched where they lived!

    If you want to take a chance, and put your name out there as a realtor then go ahead. I already put my name out there, but NOT as a realtor.

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    You can only work for yourself when you pass the broker's exam and go off by yourself with your own brokerage. While you have a salesperson's license, it will be held by an owner-broker or you are not legally working.

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    i dont see why not

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