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Why did I come out so different compared to my family?

I obviously look like my parents in physical appearance, but emotionally and behaviorally I am weirdly different from them. I know it's common for kids to have different beliefs than their parents, but it spans even to small mannerisms and tendencies. For example, my entire family is very extroverted and social. I am extremely introverted and feel happiest keeping to myself. They have a hard time understanding how I prefer that, but I don't mind. Also, I seem to have a vastly different accent and way of speaking compared to them. I haven't ever lived or been raised by anyone else so it strikes me as odd. We think very differently, not that I would say that's a bad thing, but most of the time I just don't understand them at all. My interests and hobbies are things they find no interest in, and I don't care for the things they enjoy either. I've been told even the way I eat and walk is contrasting from the way they do. I know that around 50% of your characteristics and personality are inherited by parents, but how did I end up being the psychological polar opposite of my biological relatives? 

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    1 month ago

    different experiences

    and of course, you only have 23 of your father's 46 chromosomes, and 23 of your mother's 46. You even share about 23 with any sibling of yours.

    So of course you're different

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    same, but i don’t care i just wanna be me, and probably it’s because of the phone...

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